Mittwoch, November 15, 2006

Birthday gifts

Long time no see....
I was a little bit lazy the last two weeks but not too lazy.
At the moment it is always so early so dark and I´m all the time tired. But on the other hand I have so many ideas for crafting - sewing and knitting but I can´t overcome my tiredness...

Two weeks ago we were invited to a birthday brunch by my boyfriends former flatmate. She had a wish - she wanted to have a "Nähstückchen" bag.
No problem. We met at Karstadt searching for cute fabrics and discussed the pattern and this is the outcome:

It´s the style of the sixties with brown wool fabrics and green "cord" fabric. Inside I used a cute fabrics with butterflys and flowers.

All the girls at the party were exalted so I started a little advertising for myself.
I told them that they can get an own one and today I got the first phone call *great*

The second one is only a small bag.
It is for a friend of mine and it was a surprise for her birthday.

I used a chinese fabric and a linen as inside fabric. It is closed with a big red button:

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